Special Feature

Reserved to Fight  (USA) directed by special guest filmmaker Chantelle Squires.

This documentary film follows four college-aged Marine Reservists of Fox Company 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines for four years. It documents their deployment, their return home from Iraq combat in May 2003, and their reintegration into civilian life.


The following films have been selected for inclusion in the 2020 festival season:

Professional Category

Looking Back in Exile (India)

This documentary narrates the story of Tibetan refugees in India from the perspective of the filmmaker’s aunt and cousin. 

Kobor – A Community Between Past and Future (Hungary)

Over the past century, Kobor has felt the effects of two world wars, revolutions, mass emigration waves, an aging population, and changes in its ethnic composition. All of these have impacted the destiny of this small Eastern European town.

Return to Hogan’s Alley (Canada)

Hogan’s Alley is an essential part of the history of Vancouver. This vibrant neighborhood was a magnet for famous entertainers, but was destroyed to make way for a proposed freeway. The loss of the neighborhood, however, awakened a rebellion that changed the city forever.

One More Time: Walking the Streets of Dunbarton (USA)

This film discusses the coming of the Atomic Energy Commission to Barnwell County, South Carolina, and the displacement of 300 residents of Dunbarton. Place and memory are very important to those who return.

Vanishing Chinatown: The World of the May’s Photo Studio (USA)

May’s Photo Studio in San Francisco’s Chinatown virtually reunited people by splicing together portraits of families separated by the Chinese Exclusion Act. These stunning photographs document a vibrant immigrant community becoming Americanized.

Crows of the Desert – A Hero’s Journey through the Armenian Genocide (USA)

Based on the memoirs of Levon Yotnakhparian, this incredible true story tells of one man’s brave struggle to not only stay alive, but to help save his fellow Armenians from near extinction in the 20th century’s first genocide.

John Wayne, Patriot (France

John Wayne was the most popular actor of the 20th century, the personification of a confident and unabashed America. For millions of viewers, he was the ultimate cowboy, a war hero, and an indomitable character. Forty years after his death, it is time to discover who lies behind the legend.

Stout Hearted (USA)

During World War II, George Stout led the Monuments Men through Europe on the greatest treasure hunt in history – protecting and recovering priceless art from the Nazis. Stout’s legacy continues presently with the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield, an organization that is protecting precious art from destruction in areas of global conflict. Stout’s innovative methods of art conservation are still used today in major museums around the world.

I Have a Dream (Iran) 

The mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is juxtaposed over the fight for human rights in Iran.

Butterflies In Berlin – Diary of a Soul Split in Two (Italy)

Alex (a composite character based on actual individuals) moves to Berlin in 1933 looking to understand her sexual identity. This unfortunately happened  during the rise of National Socialism, which turned Europe’s capital of sexual freedom into a violent, repressive nightmare.

Wheeler’s Everest (Canada)

On March 18, 1921, the first expedition to Everest departed from India to Tibet on a 360-mile trek to find a route to the world’s highest mountain. On this all-British Expedition was a lone Canadian: WWI veteran, surveyor, and climber Major Oliver Wheeler. This film is a personal and intimate journey taking Jeff Wheeler, Oliver’s great grandson, on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will reveal a forgotten part of history, highlighting the brave man behind the discovery of the doorway to Everest.

Ghetto Uprising – The Untold Story (Israel)

The main battle in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising occurred at Muranowski Square, during which a blue and white flag was raised over the roofs. This film explores why the story of those fighters disappeared from history books.

Student Category

Memorial (Iran)

A group of Iranian divers undertakes a suicide mission during the Iran-Iraq War.

The Celluloid Women (Portugal) 10:00

An archivist comes into conflict with a filmmaker with fascinating results. 

Laugh Now: A Perspective on Life, Liberty, and the Holocaust (USA)

The story of Theofanis Orfanos, a Greek native who was captured by the Nazis as a teenager.

Filthy Dreamers (USA) 26:15

This film presents an interesting and evocative case study of the struggle for equal education and academic freedom in Florida during the 1920s.

Blurred Notes (Mexico)

A college student discovers that 51 years ago, the Mexican National Army occupied the University of Sonora to silence striking students. 

In Passing (Canada)

A portrait of seventies Hong Kong as Esther Cheung’s parents remember it.

Hard Headed (USA)

Two soldiers from the First World War wake up at a present-day garage sale and are forced to confront not only their former enemy, but their very humanity.